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Allocating funds across different asset classes – from stocks to bonds to digital currencies – allows investors to diversify their investments. Portfolio optimisation analysis reveals that this could help investors generate higher returns whist lowering overall risk.

Fintonia Group manages a diverse range of digital assets offerings.  Whether investors are looking for direct exposure into Bitcoin or a crypto-linked market neutral portfolio, Fintonia has a solution.  Our funds focus on delivering consistent risk-adjusted performance and allow investors to invest confidently in this space.

Fintonia B21 Fund
  • The Fintonia B21 Fund is an institutional grade fund that buys and holds Bitcoin. 

  • It is an open-ended fund that provides Accredited Investors with secure and cost-efficient access to Bitcoin while providing a safe and efficient method of securing the Bitcoin. 

  • Investors can subscribe into the fund via transferring their holdings of Bitcoin

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Fintonia Corporate Treasury

For protocols and their communities, Bitcoin miners and other large holders of token and coins, Fintonia Group offers tailor-made solutions to meet desired risk-adjusted returns and protect against market-risks.

  • Portfolio & Asset Management - Benefit from our seasoned industry professionals and tap on their trading experience and network within the crypto and traditional finance markets.

  • Bespoke Yield Generation Strategies - We plan and execute yield generating programmes that are tailored for your assets.

  • Cash flow planning

  • Fiat liquidity management

  • Private key signatory

  • Transparent monthly reporting on assets

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