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[DigFin] Adrian Chng of Fintonia Group takes questions on BTC suitability, stability, & ESG concerns

Bitcoin for instos | Adrian Chng, Fintonia | VOX Ep. 30

This article was first published on DigFin.

How suitable is Bitcoin for institutional investors and treasurers? What kind of traditional financial services can be made available to crypto players?

Adrian Chng, founder of crypto investment firm Fintonia Group, makes the case for Bitcoin adoption. Jame DiBiasio of DigFin asks about questions of centralization in the market, ESG concerns, and whether the industry has learned anything from the recent collapse of the stablecoin Terra.

Prior to setting up Fintonia, Chng was CEO of and a co-founder of CredoLab and GoBear. He is based in Singapore.

  • Timecodes:

  • 0:00 – Adrian Chng, Fintonia Group

  • 1:31 – From banking to fintech

  • 4:55 – Investing in the thesis of mainstream Bitcoin

  • 6:43 – The stability of payments using crypto

  • 9:16 – Bridging traditional finance and Bitcoin

  • 11:56 – Balance-sheet tools in digital assets

  • 12:58 – Is Bitcoin suitable for treasuries and institutions?

  • 15:36 – Is Bitcoin really a store of value?

  • 19:27 – Lessons from the collapse of Terra stablecoin

  • 23:06 – The centralized nature of crypto markets

  • 25:40 – Purpose of crypto versus stablecoins or CBDCs

  • 26:37 – ESG concerns

  • 30:28 – What’s next

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