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[Portfolio Magazine] Portfolio Forecast 2023: The Silver Lining, Part 1

In collaboration with GuocoLand

Shot on location at Meyer Mansion/Midtown Bay/Midtown Modern Showflat by GuocoLand

Photography by Chino Sardea, assisted by Tracey Nguyen

This article was first published on Portfolio Magazine Singapore.

Thought leaders, industry experts, and changemakers from Singapore and beyond come together in this edition of Portfolio Forecast to answer the burning question: As we navigate economic uncertainty, inflation, supply chain disruptions, and geopolitical issues, what, then, is the silver lining for 2023?

ADRIAN CHNG, Founder and CEO, Fintonia Group Licensed Digital Assets Fund Manager

"Trust was shaken with the Luna/Terra crash, Celsius and 3AC implosion, and most recently the FTX debacle. This revealed bad practices, such as comingling of client’s funds and poor risk management. Greater investor education is important and working with licensed regulated entities is one area we believe can improve industry outcomes.

Digital Assets and crypto is considered a fairly new asset class by traditional standards and has largely been unregulated. We see regulators getting more active in this asset class and this will bring great transparency and order to the industry. With that, we will see a lot more institutions investing in the space which is a good thing for the ecosystem. With the innovation of the crypto products (web3, metaverse) coupled with the scale of institution investment, there is huge potential for all stakeholders and investors alike."

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