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The Fund invests primarily in high quality short term government bonds combined with a small allocation for dynamic trading of duration risk to increase returns.

Why Fintonia Enhanced Yield Fund?

Why is hybrid active management important?

Versatility Over Pure Passive

Adaptable investment strategy, shifting between passive and active to enhance return potential systematically.

Balancing Stability and Growth

Fuses the consistent performance of passive investments with the targeted growth of active strategies.

Responsive Strategy

A nimble approach, swiftly adjusting portfolio allocations in response to evolving market conditions.

Risk Management

Proactive identification and mitigation of risks, maintaining portfolio robustness amidst market volatility.

How professional investors can find yield in the fast-growing crypto ecosystem

Thanks to growing acceptance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the mainstream, professional investors are by now fully cognisant of the upsides of investing in crypto.

Apart from investing in crypto tokens directly or through a fund, there is another way for investors to profit within the fast-moving cryptocurrency ecosystem. We’re talking about finding yield, or passive income, through crypto.

Thinking about portfolio allocation? Here's what you should know:

Integrating Fintonia Enhanced Yield Fund into your treasury



Allocating a portion of your corporate treasury to the Fintonia Enhanced Yield Fund can bring both stability and yield enhancement, balancing your treasury's performance amidst varying market conditions.


Risk Mitigation

A predominantly treasury-focused strategy, paired with a defined cap on derivatives, ensures that risks are not only diversified but also meticulously managed.



Essential to effective portfolio management. By incorporating government bonds and dynamic trading, the fund offers diversified exposure that can fortify your treasury's resilience against market downturns.


Liquidity Management

With corporate treasuries requiring consistent liquidity, our fund’s design ensures that liquidity is maintained, facilitating potential rebalancing and the capability to seize short-term market opportunities.

Bitcoin collateralised lending: what are the potential risks and how they are managed?

It’s clear that investing in cryptocurrency directly has its challenges. Investors are therefore turning towards other ways to profit or even reap a stable income in the cryptocurrency environment. And one approach that is gaining favour is crypto collateralised lending via a private credit fund.

Why Fintonia?


Regulated Fund Manager in Singapore and Dubai*

*Provisional virtual assets license in Dubai

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Secured and Safe

Loans are over-collateralised, minimalising risk of default

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