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[21Towers Podcast] Bitcoin Physical Fund: Invest in Bitcoin Safely and Securely

In this episode, 21Towers Podcast had a conversation with Adrian Chng, founder of Fintonia Group, licensed in Dubai and Singapore. Adrian shares insights on the Fintonia Bitcoin Physical Fund, which offers a safe and secure way to invest in Bitcoin, as well as the Enhanced Yield Fund, which invests in US Treasuries and offers a higher return while keeping risk manageable. Adrian also discusses the performance of the Bitcoin Physical Fund, the benefits of dollar-cost averaging, and the psychology of investors. He also shares his views on the future of Bitcoin and how Fintonia is bridging the gap between the crypto ecosystem and traditional finance and regulation.


00:00 Introduction

00:33 Exploring the Future of Bitcoin With Adrian

04:34 Bitcoin Is the Best Store of Value

10:06 Should You Include Bitcoin in Your Portfolio?

14:49 Banking relationships

17:47 Fintonia Capital's Bitcoin Physical Fund and Enhanced Yield Fund

26:25 Singapore-based Bitcoin Fund

27:30 Have Wealth Managers Started Talking About Bitcoin?

28:55 GreyScale Bitcoin Trust

31:46 Have We Reached a Neutral Point on Bitcoin?

34:33 Have you attended any bitcoin-related events?

35:58 In the Elevator With Bitcoin and Crypto

36:53 Fintonia for YPO

Correction: The bitcoin fund is not registered in Dubai and Singapore as mentioned in the introduction. Adrian is the founder of Fintonia Group, which is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and have been awarded a provisional license by Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). Fintonia Group has launched the first institutional grade bitcoin fund in Asia managed by a MAS-licensed fund manager.


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