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Fintonia provides independent and bespoke merchant banking and corporate advisory services to institutional clients and entrepreneurial companies. These services include capital solutions, mergers & acquisitions, reconstructions, and takeovers.

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Fintonia has significant experience in structuring optimal capital structures to support our clients' strategic needs, including consideration of equity, debt and hybrid solutions.

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Fintonia has significant experience supporting clients with developing and executing growth and transformation strategies. This includes mergers & acquisitions, reconstructions and takeovers, commercial due diligence, go to market strategies, and value creation initiatives, particularly those related to transformation and merger integration.

The Fintonia team have had extensive experience in capital solutions, merchant banking and corporate advisory in the billions of dollars. They have completed numerous transactions including: 

  • Regional tech company merger and reconstruction S$1 billion

  • Cross border acquisition of industrial manufacturing and distribution assets US$700m

  • Acquisition and takeover of industrial distribution business S$700m

  • Strategic growth options for regional EduTech company US$x00m

  • Regional building solutions joint venture S$350m

  • Structured equity derivatives product US$200m

  • Sale of building products business US$190m

  • Sale of natural resources business US$180m

  • Agricultural project in Wei Nan City, China US$85m fund raising

  • Divestment of 5 industrial properties in Malaysia US$40m

  • Regional tech company US$30m fund raising

  • Global pharma company on capital structure and financing alternatives US$20m

  • Asian regional engineering firm buyout and recapitalization S$10m

  • Asia/Europe consumer tech company S$10m fund raising

  • Global technology firm US$7m fund raising

  • Mezzanine debt financing of a residential development in Malaysia US$6m

  • Mezzanine debt financing of a residential development in Bangkok, Thailand US$5m

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